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We provide analytics for your Web 3.0 Portfolios

Discover the future of portfolio analytics with FinDusk, a decentralized platform empowering you to visualize, track, and cultivate your portfolio over time. Harness data-driven insights and machine-learning tools for optimal growth.

Our portfolio dashboard features

  • Risk assessments

    Access risk metrics and indicators to gauge the risk exposure of your portfolio. From standard deviation to beta coefficients, FinDusk provides the essential data you need to adjust your allocations.

  • Coin allocations

    FinDusk simplifies portfolio management by providing you with intuitive tools to view and analyze your asset allocations allowing you to gain valuable insights into your portfolio composition.

  • Performance history

    Gain invaluable insights into your investment journey with detailed historical data, allowing you to analyze trends, identify patterns, and make informed decisions like never before.

Get price forecasting for popular coins

FinDusk leverages advanced algorithms to forecast price movements on coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum with precision. Helping you make informed trading decisions and stay ahead of the market.

Powerful dashboard at your disposal

Connect your Web 3.0 wallet and access a comprehensive dashboard where you can track and analyze your market value, view performance history, and get insights on your coin allocations.